Final 2020 Presidential Debate

President Trump will be debating Vice President Joe Biden this Thursday, 10/22 in Nashville. Please share your response to one of these prompts:

As a doctor, how would you summarize Trump’s leadership on the pandemic? How do you feel about the state of the country and the pandemic 8 months after it started?

What will it take for us to ever turn the corner on the pandemic? Who do you trust more to get us there — Biden or Trump? Why?

What could Trump say during the debate to make you trust him to fight COVID-19?

How do you feel about the fact that, as we encounter a third wave of this pandemic, Trump is fast-tracking his Supreme Court nominee to help overturn the ACA in November, and rip health care away from your patients?

What if Trump says at the debate that he has a health care plan to protect those with pre-existing conditions?

If you could ask Trump (or Biden) questions at the debate what would you ask?


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2020 Presidential Debate

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